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This is a story from Strange Tales from Make-Do Studio. One day a scholar named Wang Sheng in Taiyuan met, on his way out, a beautiful girl. He brought her back to be kept in his study. the girl adked him not to tell anybody. Days later, Wang met a Taoist priest, who asked, "Did you have any peculiar encounter?""No," Wang firmly denied."But you have an evil air in your face," the priest sasid with a worried look. "And your blook is about to be drained by a moster." Back home, before he entered the room, Wang looked into his study through the window lattice. He saw a fierce-looking devil was painting a hide. Upon hearing his footsteps the devil hurriedly draped the hide and became the beautiful girl again. Frightened almost to death, Wang broke into a run, but it was too late. The devil caught him, cut open his chest and ate his heart. Wang's wife saw this. The grieved woman fled to seek help from the priest. To see if the woman was sincere about saving her husband, the priest made fun of her. He even bid the woman to eat what he had vomited. To save her husband, she endured everything. The priest laughed before he left. Back home, ly she felt like vomiting. Something from her mouth dropped into her husband's cut chest. Slowly, her husband regained his life.

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Chang Dayong of Luoyang loved peonies very much. He went to Caozhou when he learned that the peonies there were the best of all. He resided in a big garden to wait for the peonies to blossom. When the peonies were budding and redy to blossom, he was already broke, so he pawned all his valuables to wait to see the peonies blossom. One day, Dayong saw a beautiful girl and they fell in love at first sight. The girl followed Dayong to Luoyang and married him. She was Gejin. Later, her younger sister, Yuban, married to Daqi, Dayong's younger brother. One year alter, both of them gave birth to boys. The sisters never talked about their family background. When asked time and again about their father's family, they said,"His family name is Wei and his mother was named Lady Cao." Dayong felt strange at the word because there was no Wei family in Caozhou and moreover, how could such a distinguished family not send people out to find their missing daughters. With these questions in mind, Dayong went to Caozhou again to see the owner of the big garden. He asked the owner whether there was a Lady Cao in the vicinity. The owner took him to a big peony plant and said, "This is Lady Cao."At the work, Dayong began to realize that his wife and her sister were peony flower goddesses. When he returned home, Gejin said to him, "Three years ago, when I saw you loved peonies so much that I was noved and turned into a girl to marry you. Now that you know everything, I have to go."Saying this, she and Yuban, putting the children on the ground, disasppeared. A few days later, two peony plants GREw out of the place where the two boys had been put. They bore plate-size beautiful flowers, one in purple and the other in white. That is how the two famous peonies, Purple Gejin and White Yuban took their names.

  洛阳常大用酷爱牡丹。听说曹州牡丹天下第一,他就跑到曹州,住在一个大花园内,天天等着牡丹开放。待牡丹含苞欲放时,大用已身无分文了,他将值钱的东西和衣服典卖,仍等着看花。一天,大用碰到一艳丽女子,二人一见钟情,那女子跟着大用回到洛阳,嫁给大用,她就是葛巾。后来,葛巾又把妹妹玉版嫁给了大用弟弟大器。一年后各生一子。二位女郎从不说自己的身世,在大用兄弟再三追问下她们才说:自己姓魏,母亲被封为曹夫人。大用听了更是奇怪。一是曹州没有魏姓,二是这样大的家族丢两个女儿怎么没人找。带着这两个谜,大用又来到曹州,找到那座花园的主人,问起当地可有曹夫人。主人领他到一株大牡丹前说:“这就是曹夫人。”大用这才知道自己的妻子和弟妹都是牡丹花神变的。大用回到家后,葛巾告之:“三年前,看到你对牡丹情深,很感动,便变为女子嫁你,现在你知道真情,我要走了。” 说完和玉版把孩子往地上一放,就无影无踪了。几天后,在放儿子的地方长出两株牡丹,一紫一白,花朵像盘子大,花色艳丽。后人将这两种名花叫“葛巾紫”、 “玉版白”。
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This is a story in Strange Tales from Make-Do Studio about "Drunken Tao," a unique species in the chrysanthemum family. The Ma family was a scholars family and a family of chrysanthemum lovers. In this story, the lord of the present generation, Ma Zicai, was more fanantical about the plant than those of previous generations. On hearing of a unique species available in JinlingCity, he rushed there and bought two. On his way back he saw a handsome young man on a horse behind a canopied cart. He was surnamed Tao and the girl inside the cart was his sister Huangying. They were moving away from Jinling and looking for a new place to live. At Ma's invitation, the two settled down in the south courtyard of the Ma residence. The girl often picked up the withered plants Ma discarded and would replant them in front of her room. The next day these withered plants would bloom splendidly and fragrantly. Before long, Huanying's flowers became known in the area and many people came to buy them.
Before long Ma's wife died of illness and Ma married the flower-loving Huangying. Every day Ma drank and played chess with her brogher beside chrysanthemum flowers. One day ,after getting drunk, the young man tripped and fell. Ma couldn't believe his eyes when the young man fell and turned in a huge, man-sized chrysanthemum plant. He ran to report to his wife, who rushed out and plucked a flower that she kept inside her dress. By dawn, Ma saw the young man again, lying on the ground fast asleep. He realized that the brother and sister were both chrysanthemum spirits.
But the second time the brother turned into a plant after getting drunk, the young man failed to change back to human form. His sister reserved a length of root from the plant. Before long, a unique species sprouted, GREw up and bloomed with a smell of wine aroma. Later generations caslled this species "Drunken Tao."

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This is a story from Strange Tales from Make-Do Studio. the Ans had two sons. The elder son An Dacheng married Chen Shanhu. Shanhu was a kind woman with a sweet temper. Dacheng's mother, Shen Shi, was irritable and fierce.She often beat and cursed Shanhu.Shanhu never uttered a word of complaint. Later, Shen Shi went so far as to force Dacheng to divorce his wife. After Shanhu had left, Shen Shi tried to make Dacheng remarry. However no one dared to marry Dacheng because of his notorious mother. Later Shen Shi's younger son, Ercheng, married Zanggu, who was more fierce than Shen Shi. Every day ,Shen Shi adjusted her behavior to Zanggu's expression. Even so, Shen Shi was often scolded and cursed by Zanggu. Ercheng, a weak man, dared not to stop his wife. Finally Shen Shi was sick due to overworking. Shen Shi had to adk her elder sister to wait on her.Every day, a person from her sister's home sent delicious food to Shen Shi. Shen Shi sighed:"I would be happy if I had a good daughter-in-law like my sister's."After she recovered, Shen Shi went to stay at her sister's home. She often admired her sister for her daughter-in-law. Her sister said:"Shanhu is a good woman, but you often beat and cursed her. To tell you the truth, the delicious food you ate when you were sick was made by Shanhu. Shanhu made money by spinning yarn and prepared food for you. Where else can you find such a good daughter-in-law?"Upon hearing it, Shen Shi felt ashamed.She said while crying:"It's my fault!" At this moment, Shanhu ran out from the rear room and knelt down in front of her mother-in-law. Shen Shi reGREtted her actions, beating her * and stamping her feet. Tthen Dacheng and Shanhu got remarried. Later asfter many hardships, Shanhu educated Zanggu, who was determined to thoroughly rectify her errors. Then all five members in the Ans lived a happy life.

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This is a classic Chinese fairy tale. It was said that there is a kind of poisonous grass that causes people to die after eating it. People said that people who died of eating this grass would become ghosts. They could reincarnate only by finding a person who had also died by eating the poisonous grass. A young masn, named Zhu Sheng, went to visit his friend. It was the middle of summer and he was very thirsty. He still had half of his journey ahead of him.Then he spotted a tea house along the road and stopped in for a cup of tea. He eagerly drank the tea that the teahouse owner Ms. Kou brought for him. As soon as he got home he felt a pain in his stomach. He realized that Ms. Kou had given him a cup of tea made with the poisonous grass to benefit her reincarnation. The young man hated her and vowed to get revenge. After his death, he took Ms. Kou back to the nether world. There the two of them got married in the nether world. The young man's mother cried all day long because she missed her son very much. One day,the young man heard the crying of his mother and persuaded his wife to go back to the human world to take care of his mother.The couple worked hard and was comforted and helped the old woman. Though their life was getting better and better, the old woman still did not feel at ease because she knew that her son and daughter-in-law were ghosts. So she pleaded with them to find their replacements. But the young man said:"I won't do things lffensive to God and reason.My only hope is to take good care of you and let you live a happy life."S o the couple did their best for the old woman until she died.God was moved by the couple's deeds and then God sent a fairy cart to bring them to heaven. They finally became immortals.

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This is a story from Strange Tales from Make-Do Strdio. As a child, Xiliu was smart and liked to read biographies of ancient sages. She decided to follow the examples of previous worthies and leave behind a reputation that would be noted for generations to come. At the age of nineteen she married Gao Sheng, who had just olst his wife and had a son named Changfu. Ayear later Xiliu gave birth to a boy and named him Changhu. Before long, Gao Sheng, still young, died of an illness, leaving Xiliu to care for her sons. Seeing Changfu was often truant in his studies, Xiliu sent him to work with the shepherd boys as punishment. Changfu could not his knees and asked his mother to allow him to return to school. Xiliu refused, and Changfu, like a beggar, huddled himself up with cold. A grandmother in the village inter ceded and took care of the boy. Xiliu told her,"If Changfu is ready to take a beating of 100 strokes, I'll take him back."Changfu decided that he would take the beating. Aware of Changfu's genuine repentance for his errors, Xiliu did not beat him and asked him to continue his studies.

  Changhu was a slow-minded child, so Xiliu asked him to quit school and work in the fields. But Changhu was so lazy that he often neglected work. Xiliu then asked him to engage in trade, but he used up all his money in gambling. At last, Xiliu sent him to Luoyang to sell goods, where he was put into jail for using fake silver in a whorehouse. In jail he suffered a lot. One day Xiliu called Changfu in and said:"I gave the fake silver to your brother on purpose, intending to make him suffer. Now you go and get him out."Back home, Changhu knelt before his mother, bitterly remorseful. He finally gave up evil and returned to good. Fellow villagers then began to understand Xiliu. She loved her children by tempering them in sufferings.

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This is a story from the book Strange Tales from Make-Do Studio. There was an old man with the surname Feng, he had a son named Xiangru. Xiangru studied hard but failed several times in passing the imperial examination. One night when Xiangruwas reading books in the courtyard, he was surprised to see a beautiful girl on the wall looking at him affectionately. Xiangru invited her to come down from the wall and knew that her name was Hong Yu.From then on ,Hong Yu came to meet Xiangru every night and soon they fell in love. One night, Feng happened to run into Hong Yu at the door of Xiangru's room. Feng scolded Xiangru severely. Hong Yu slipped away and she never came there again. Later, Xiangru got married. His wife was called Wei and they had a boy named Lucky. Untortunately, the bully in the village, Song, was moved by Wei's good looks and snatched her away. Feng was so indignant that finally he died. Another day, a brave man rushed into Xiangru's room and said,"Have you forgotten that your father has died and your wife was snatched away by Song?" Xiangru hurriedly told the man that he wanted revenge but had no way to achieve it. Then, Song was beheaded that same night. The county government suspected Xiangru and detained him. The evening that Xiangru was arrested, no sooner the governmental official lied down than he saw a knife stabbed on the head of the bed. One day at his home, Xiangru heard his child talking to somebody outside the door. He opened the door and was surprised and glad to see Hong Yu standing there with Lucky. Hong Yu smiled and said, "I am not a common girl, but a fox spirit. I know that you have been in trouble;I am secretly protecting you." Since then, Hong Yu stayed with Xiangru to manage the family affairs and teach the child.

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This is an episode from the novel Strange Tales from Make-Do Studio. His father died while Wang Zifu was very young. His mother gave her whole heart to bringing Zifu up. ASfter he was grown, the mother decided which girl was to marry her son. But before the marriaqge took place, the chosen girl died.

  On the day of the Lantern Festival, Zifu's cousin, Wu Sheng, invited him for an excursion. Wu had to return home early to attend to something else. Zifu stayed and whiled away the time alone. Suddenly, Zifu spotted in the crowd a girl with bright eyes. The girl was carrying a twig of plum blossoms and was walking delicsately slowly. Zifu could not help but glue his sight on the girl. When the girl saw what was happening, she left her twig of blossoms on the ground and walked away smiling.

  Zifu picked up the flower and returned home. He put the flower under his pillow. He missed the girl so much so that he would not eat or drink. Zifu soon became so weak that he was not able to support himself. When Wu Sheng learned of this he came to ask about the reason. Zifu told the truth to his cousin. To comfort Zifu, Wu Sheng lied, saying that the girl was one of Zifu's cousins living in the mountains some 15kilometers to the southwest. He promised that they would go and look for her after Zifu got well. After hearing Wu's words, Zifu felt so happy that he soon fully recovered. Since he was lying, Wu Sheng was reluctant to see Zifu again and made himself scarce.

  Wu Sheng made excuses every time Zifu asked him to help him go look for the plum blossom girl. Zifu could description of Wu Feng. In the mountains, he found a called Ying Ning. Zifu stay ed in Ying Ning's home for a few days before taking her home to marry her. After marriage, Zifu and Ying Ning olved each other very much and they lived a happy life. One day Ying Ning told Zifu that she had been the daughter of a foximmortal. she was brother up to be a human by a ghost mother. Zifu was not at all put off by this news.

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This is a story from Strange Tales from Make-Do Studio. Old man Gan had two sons. He died when the second was only five. After his death, the parrot he had kept flew away. The second son GREw up into a very handsome young man. His brother and sister-in -law decided to choose as suitable girl for him. One day, the second son met a very beautiful girl in the fields. Looking around to make sure that nobody was about, the girl said in a low voice, "Your father betrothed us when he was alive. Why are your brother and sister-in -law looking for somebody else?" Having never heard of this, the second brother rushed back to tell his elder brother, who was ignorant of this too. Several days later the elder brother met a tearful, beautiful girl on his way. On inquiring, the girl said,"My name is A'ying and I was betrothed to the second son of the Gans and now they want to break off the betrothal." The elder brother hurriedly dismounted and said, "I'm the elder son of the Gans. I really didn't know my father had betrothed my grother to you. Please come with me to my home." When they met at home, the second brother saw that she was the girl he had met in fields. So, the two married. One year, on the Mid-autumn Festival, the sister-in-law sent for A'ying. Despite repeated prompts by her husband A'ying didn't go. The next day, the sister-in-law came asking why A'ying had become so sad the previous night. By then, the second brother realized his wife had magic power. Also, he believed she was not a human being, so he told her to leave."Yes," A'ying explained."I'm not a human being. I'm a parrot, your father's parrot. Your father betrothed me to you when you were very young. As I can't bear you children,I have long wanted to leave. I was only held back by the kindness you have shown to me. Now I'm leaving. Take good care of yourself." So saying, she turned into a parrot and flew away.

  When old man Gan was alive, he had often joked to his second son, "When the parrot grows up you take her as your wife." And when he wanted the boy to feed the bird he would say,"Go and feed your wife." The bird had come to fulfil his wish.

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This is an episode from the novel Strange Tales from Make-Do Strdio. An Daye turned out to be out-standingly clever while he was very young. He was also very handsome. His parents loved him very much and regarded him as a precious pearl on their palms. They hoped that their son would be successful in his career and thereby glorify his ancestors. Neighbors in the village vied each other to marry their daughters to An Daye. One night, Daye's mother had a dream which told her that a princess would marry her son. So, Daye's mother gratefully declined all marriage offers. Yet several years had passed and there was still not the marriage suggested by the dream. Daye's mother began to reGREt declining all the marriage offers by her neighbors.

  One day shile Daye was reading, a graceful young lady walked into his room accompanied by several maids. the young lady introduced herself as Princess Yunluo from the official residence of Shenghou. Daye was pleasantly surprised. Daye and the princess sat down to play a board game. The princess was so good that she defeated Daye several games in a row. After the game, the princess stood up and prepared to leave. Daye was reluctant to part with the princess. Princess Yunluo gave Daye 50 kilograms of gold and told him to build a new house with the money. She promised to come again after the house was built.

  the princess came as she had promised. At night, Daye proposed to marry the princess. Princess Yunluo said:"I'll be with you for six years if we get married, but I'll be with you for 30years if we remain as fellow players of the board game and fellow lovers of the dup."Daye said:"We might as well get married in the first place.Let the future take care of all other matters." The princess ded not say anything. Daye and the princess got married that night.

  Time elapsed quickly. Princess Yunluo gave birth to two baby boys for Daye. As she had warned, the princess left without saying good-bye at the end of the six years. Daye missed the princess to much that he swore not to marry again.

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